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 here's an HMD post if you need or want to leave me crit and all that jazz

i also have an HMD post at my musebox if you'd like to leave stuff there instead!
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Player Information
Your Nickname: oliver/madi
OOC Journal: runawayballista
Under 18? nope!
runawayballista @ aim/skype
Characters Played at Singularity: n/a

Character Information
Name: Harry Lockhart
Name of Canon: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: canon
There really aren’t any fanpages or unofficial wikis or anything out there haha WHOOPS
Canon Point: post-film; after he’s been working for Perry at Sentron in LA for a couple of years

Setting: The world that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang takes place in is pretty much mid-2000s real world Earth -- there are no fancy powers or strange alternate histories, just a little bit of neo-noir flavor and some incredibly bad luck. The only AU details of significance are the existence of a series of pulp fiction mystery novels starring the titular character Johnny Gossamer and a handful of Hollywood celebrities that don’t exist in real life -- celebrities who can pull strings and have a lot of sway in the community and can pretty much get away with murder, because they’re usually good enough at covering it up to make sure no one is the wiser, and anyone who is is paid off not to say anything. Harry’s LA is dirty and glamorous and full of intrigue and bullshit, with elaborate parties filled with famous people and aspiring actors and lots of booze and drugs. It’s the kind of place where a girl who’s been dreaming of becoming a star can arrive fresh off the bus and then spend her entire career working fancy parties in stupid costumes and doing beer commercials. The cops are ever-present in the background, but it’s the kind of LA where everyone has private hired thugs and the cops aren’t much use in the end. It’s shitty and exciting and has an awful lot of murder.

For most of his life, Harry’s been kind of a deadbeat. He grew up in Embrey, Indiana and then left made a living in New York for a good while as a small-time burglar, mostly boosting shit from electronics stores after dark. Nowadays, after a short and unrealized stint in acting and a string of events over Christmas in 2005 that could best be described as unbelievably fucked up, he works for a private detective firm in LA. It’s a boring business, most days.

Personality: Harry isn’t the brightest. Sure, he is given to incredible streaks of cleverness (given the right set of circumstances and sleep deprivation), but they’re generally short-lived, and in regards to making actual decisions, he’s pretty awful. He’s snarky and obnoxious and loves to make wiseguy cracks (which fall flat a good half of the time), and he curses generously, even when he’s trying not to. He often ends up as the butt of other people’s jokes when he does something stupid (usually around Perry, his boss at the PI firm), although to be fair, a lot of his stupid actions and decisions result from either a) trying to look cool, b) getting caught in the heat of the moment/fear/excitement, or c) both. He likes to talk bigger than he really is, which frequently results in him getting his ass kicked, but it’s usually with good intentions somewhere in mind. Even though he talks a lot of swagger, he generally has low self-efficacy (although it’s improving with the newfound relative stability in his life and the fact that he no longer steals AV components and shit for a living).

Harry has a hard time finishing things he’s started -- especially when it comes to relationships -- he’s said himself that while he starts out fine, somewhere along the way something just goes off in his brain and he just cuts and runs. He’s impulsive and a “do shit now and try not to think about it later” kind of guy, and though he’s got an actual job now, he still has a tendency to shoplift sometimes just for the rush, without even really thinking about it. It’s a habit his boss is trying to get him to break without much success.

When it comes down to it, though, he’s got a good heart and it’s usually in the right place; he’s just incredibly bad at picking the right ways to show it. Insensitivity on his part is usually unintentional and is a result of his chronic Foot in Mouth Syndrome. He has either incredibly bad or incredibly good luck, depending on how you look at it; possibly both. He’s a little jaded when it comes to women from getting burned one too many times (although he acknowledges that part of that is his fault) and it’s not any better after having lived in LA for a couple of years. He can’t stand people who are overly fake or ostentatious and even though he frequently talks circles around himself, he prefers people who are straight-shooting, but there’s something about him that makes people just want to fuck with him.

As a kid, he enjoyed the Johnny Gossamer books, a series of pulp fiction detective novels, which have contributed to an unusually high level of Genre Savvy when it comes to noir murder mystery type shit. He is also really, really bad at math.

Since the events of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Harry’s life has calmed down some. Working for Perry for a couple of his years has given him some much-needed stability and he’s a little less of a complete wreck than he used to, but he’s still kind of a mess as far as his personal life goes and he still hasn’t quite learned to reel in his tongue and not talk out his ass so much. He still doesn’t really know how to function in a relationship, and he and Harmony have broken up and gotten back together four or five times by now, without much success. Harry’s not so good at changing.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions: Harry is good at shoplifting, talking out his ass a mile a minute, detective work, having tremendous swings of luck in both directions, and firing pistols. He is not terribly good in a fistfight, or at talking to women (or most people), and although he has clever streaks he isn’t very bright overall. He’s also missing most of the ring finger on his left hand, but that doesn’t seem to get in his way too much. He’s a plain old human, though, and his physical capabilities generally run along the lines of your average 30-something who could probably be in slightly better shape.

Inventory: A pack of gum, wallet, keys, a Johnny Gossamer novel, a pack of cigarettes, lighter, a Smith & Wesson 5906 pistol, and his cell phone.

Harry is pretty much average all over -- average height, average weight, average looks. He has a near-permanent five o’clock shadow and scruffy black hair that he only combs at his boss’s behest. His clothes of choice are generally comfortable ones -- t-shirts, hoodies, well-fitted jeans -- although he owns suits for work, he doesn’t really like the fancy getup. He has a couple of scars on his stomach and chest from gunshot wounds, but the only really remarkable thing about him is the fact that he’s missing part of his left ring finger.
Age: 37

Log Sample: It’s a long fall.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Harry doesn’t manage to hit what feels like every fucking obstacle on the way down, and when he stops falling, it’s with a thud and an awful, dull crack because he’s managed to land with his arm twisted beneath him.

“What the fuck,” he wheezes, and when he tries to pull his arm out from under him it’s accompanied with a searing pain and he lets out another curse followed by an undignified whimper. There’s definitely something broken in there somewhere (at least it’s not losing another fucking finger, though), and besides which everything just fucking hurts and what the fuck where is he what the shit is going on he’s gonna be late for work Perry is going to hang him up by his stupid fucking tie and kill him.

But a glance around doesn’t really answer any of his questions or quell the wild-eyed adrenaline-fueld panic bubbling up in his chest. In fact, it looks like he’s just landed himself in the Death Star’s asshole. It’s freaky shit, and Harry starts to wonder if someone’s slipped him E or something when he wasn’t paying attention. That’s a pretty cruel goddamn joke. You don’t trash someone’s reality apropos of nothing.

He doesn’t see anyone else around, but he scrambles to his feet anyway, looking around in alarm. He keeps his good hand on his apparently broken as fuck arm to keep it from swinging around too much. “Hey! What the fuck?” he shouts, but his voice just echoes, and when he hears the three-tone chime sound overhead, he jumps at least a foot in the air, his heart pounding.

“Welcome to Sacrosanct. Please watch your step.”

The voice just startles him more, enough for him to pull his gun out from the back of his pants and point it around him wildly, but when he sees no one around him and realizes wow, fuck, Harry, that was a fucking PA system or some shit, he lowers the pistol, shoulders heaving, and swallows.

Fuck me,” he spits out, stepping over a twisted piece of scrap metal. This day is not going as planned. “I’m gonna be late for work.”

Network Sample: [audio]

So hey, uh, I’m on a giant fucking space station. That sure is a thing that happened.

I’ve been pretty thoroughly assured that I am not, in fact, tripping the fuck out on drugs right now, and I guess the last twenty-four hours seem pretty fucking real, but, uh, you’ll have to excuse me if I’m having a bit of a hard time getting my head around that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some pretty fucked-up shit happen to me, but all of it took place pretty firmly on sweet Mother Earth. Never had my balls launched through space before. That’s, uh, that’s new.

So that’s the deal then, right? We’re stuck here, no way out, can’t go home, yadda yadda, all that bullshit? Well, at least that’s a pretty good excuse not to show up to work. I’m sure Perry’ll throw a hissy fit anyway.

So, uh...anyone need a private detective?
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Name: Harry Lockhart
Source: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Canon point: like a year after the film? something like that
Gender: Male
Age: 35ish
Colour: #208727
Chumhandle: corpsePisser

History: Born in Embry, Indiana, Harry had a pretty ordinary childhood. When he was like eight he wanted to be a magician and performed at the local state fair as HAROLD THE GREAT. His upbringing was pretty boring until some time after high school when, instead of going off to college, he fucked off to New York and tried to find a job. He mostly failed in that respect but managed to make some friends, and got into petty thievery as a means of sustaining himself. His interest in sleight of hand tricks as a kid came in real handy with that, as it turned out.

It was all going more or less dandy until one night near Christmastime when Harry and his partner accidentally fucked up a job robbing a toy store in the dead of night, and in their escape his partner got shot. Harry, panicking and shell shocked, left his partner there and managed to stumble into an audition room for a film. The auditioners mistook him for a method actor, confusing his panic with brilliance, and flew him out to LA to have him screentested, where he met private detective "Gay" Perry van Shrike. Through a bizarre chain of events, he got wrapped up in a thoroughly complex murder mystery, reunited with Harmony (the "one who got away" from his high school days), and lost his left ring finger. After all was through and through, and he and Perry were both out of the hospital, Perry offered him a job working at his private investigation firm, Sentron Inc. Harry's been doing that ever since, though somewhere along the way, he and Harmony had a messy breakup, and it's been just him and Perry ever since. But, you know, in a totally not gay way.

Personality: Harry isn't the brightest. Sure, he can be incredibly clever at times (given the right set of circumstances and sleep deprivation), but in regards to making decisions, he's pretty awful. He's snarky and obnoxious and likes to make wiseguy cracks (which fall flat a good half of the time) and curses generously. He often ends up the butt of Perry's jokes when he does something stupid, although to be fair a lot of his stupid actions and decisions result from either a) trying to look cool, b) getting caught up in the heat of the moment/fear/excitement, or c) both. He likes to talk bigger than he really is, which sometimes results in getting his ass kicked, but it's usually with good intentions somewhere in mind. He has a hard time finishing things he's started -- especially relationships -- he's said himself that while it starts out fine, somewhere along the way he just cuts out and runs. He's impulsive and a "do shit now and don't think about it later" kind of guy, and even though he's got an actual job, he has a tendency to shoplift sometimes just for the rush, without even really thinking about it. Insensitivity on his part is usually accidental and a result of his chronic Foot in Mouth condition. He has either incredibly bad or incredibly good luck, depending on how you look at it. Possibly both. As a kid, he enjoyed the Johnny Gossamer books, a series of pulp fiction detective novels, which led to his ridiculous Genre Savvy-ness.

Harry is also really bad at math.

Abilities & physical limitations: HARRY IS GOOD AT: shoplifting, talking out his ass, getting piss drunk, and having tremendous swings of luck in both directions. He also knows how to operate pistols. He is not terribly good in a fistfight or in very good shape, but other than the fact that he’s missing a finger he doesn’t have any real limitations.

Notable AU differences, if applicable: N/A

Strife Specibus: fistkind/pistolkind
Prototyping: a mugful of lukewarm coffee (pre-entry) and a framed photograph of his boss Perry (post-entry)
Title: Dearth of Wit
In-game abilities: idk words or something, who cares, he’s not going to be able to use it anyway because he sucks at this game
Planet: Land of Sleight and Noir
It’s perpetually midnight on LOSAN, with twinkling stars and moon in the sky creating a blue cast over the planet, which is covered in bridges and underpasses and dank offices and back alleyways. There are playing cards and top hats everywhere, and strange things hover just on the edge of vision, but when you turn to look they’re not there. There are traps and tricks waiting in dark corners, and seemingly innocuous objects usually turn out to be dangerous. Various doorways and boxes act as portals to different points on the planet; if you step through one, you wind up somewhere completely different.
The planet’s consorts are a race of capricious though friendly little black dogs wearing fedoras. All they want you to do is pick a card.
The planet’s denizen is Capo, a hardboiled, chain-smoking sparrow who has ruined the planet by introducing organized crime.


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